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What makes IYT different from other yachting organizations?

Unlike other recreational yachting organizations such as the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) or Yachting Australia (YA) or the American Sailing Association (ASA), IYT is a professional yachting organization that is run by professional mariners for professional mariners and we issue professional yachting certificates (where applicable). No other organization offers training on a global scale with more courses in more countries, in more languages through more schools and with more Government approvals than IYT.

Can candidates do the theory courses during the winter seasons and the practical courses when the weather is more favourable?

Yes, they can. Countries with colder winter climates tend to teach the theory courses in the evenings and weekends and the practical courses during the summer months, often undertaken with IYT partner schools that operate in warmer climates such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Whitsundays.

How do candidates obtain the necessary miles at sea to comply with the course requirements?

A number of our partner schools offer "mileage builder" courses for those that require the additional nautical mileage for the International Bareboat Captain/ Skipper and the Yachtmaster, Master of Yachts Coastal and Master of Yachts Limited and Unlimited Certificates.

Can candidates go to any IYT licensed school to continue their studies?

Yes, the beauty of the IYT International Boating and Sailing Passport programme allows candidates to go to any IYT licensed school anywhere in the world to continue their certification.

Who are the MCA and what role do they play in Professional Yachting?

The MCA is the British "Maritime and Coastguard Agency". They were the first organization in the world to recognise "Professional Yachting" as a career and have put in place a series of Professional Yachting qualifications for both deck and engineering that have become the de facto world standards which includes the IYT Master of Yachts qualifications.

What does STCW mean?

STCW stands for the "Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers" and are global nautical training standards that are set by the International Maritime organization (IMO). All countries that are members of the IMO (currently167) are required to comply with their training standards.

IYT or RYA, what's the difference?

We are often asked what the difference is between IYT and the RYA and why should someone choose one over the other?

IYT operates more yachting courses with more government approvals through more schools, in more countries and in more languages than any other yachting origination in the world.