Training Courses


Yacht chartering / Yacht sale / purchase

Professional Superyacht Hospitality

Day 1 The Superyacht Industry

Number & Types of Yachts
Flag State Registrations
Private and Commercial Yachts
STCW & Nautical Qualification
MCA (British Coastguard)
Chain of Command
Rank & Position
Resumes / Interviewing
Crew Agreements
Personal Appearance & Hygiene
Rules Onboard
Nautical / Military Time
Vendor Contracts
Guest Arrival
Preference Forms
Basic Safety
VHF Radio
Phonetic Alphabet
Nautical Terminology & Vessel Familiarisation

Day 2 Bar/Wine & Food Service Theory

Bartending Terminology
Cocktail Garnishes
Bar Equipment
Bar Inventory
Fortified & Aromatized Wines
Beverage Provisioning
Serving Wine
Wine Bottle Shapes
Decanting Wine
Wine Temperatures
Pouring Wine
Wine with Food
Matching Wine & Food
Wine Labels
Champagne Service
Pre-dinner checklist
Styles of Service
Serving Tips
Serving Order
Formal Meal Sequence
Proper Clearing Order
Proper Use of Utensils
Placement of Used Flatware
Place Settings
Various Utensils
Napkin Folding - practical
Food Safety & Hygiene
Various Diets (veg, kosher,etc.)
Afternoon Tea
Cheese Service
Caviar Service
Cigar Service
In-Cabin Service
Turn Down Service

Day 3 Bar/Wine & Food Service Practical

Bar Equipment
Fortified & Aromatized Wines
Serving Wine
Wine Bottle Shapes
Decanting Wine
Pouring Wine
Champagne Service
Table Place Settings
Various Utensils Nautical / Military Time

Coordinate with local restaurant and spirits supplier/distributor to aid with instruction & practical application

Day 4 Interior Detailing / Laundry

Cleaning without Guests Onboard
Cleaning with Guests Onboard
Cleaning Supplies
Caring for Stemware
Caring for China
Polishing Silver
Bed Making - practical
Laundry & Stain Removal

Perhaps coordinate with local hotel to aid with instruction on cleaning & practical application of bedmaking

Day 5 Special Skills

Flower Arranging - practical
Fruit Baskets
Daily Duties
Review Culinary Terms
Review How to Clean Things A to Z"

Final Written Exam

Coordinate with local florist to aid with instruction on flower arranging & practical application