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PADI Approved Diveboat Master Courses

Course Overview

International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT WW) in cooperation with the PADI Dive Organization is pleased to introduce the new Dive Boat Captain Program - professionally recognized boating qualifications specifically targeted to meet the needs of the diving industry. For the first time ever, a codified framework for training and accreditation of Dive Boat Captains and Crew has been established which will improve safety and marine compliance across the dive industry. The Dive boat Mate & Master courses were introduced due to demand from the diving industry. Some time ago, IYT Worldwide was approached by PADI and a number of dive companies operating throughout the Caribbean Islands, Australia and the Red Sea (specifically Egypt) and asked to develop a course that would be specific to diveboat operators. Our research indicated that no such qualification currently existed and that a large number of diveboat operators while suitably qualified to teach scuba diving, were not suitably qualified to competently operate a diveboat. The challenge was to develop a course that incorporated all of the health, safety, engineering, legal and competency aspects that are required to safely operate such a boat. The concept was to develop a course that would incorporate everything that a diveboat operator would be required to know from the moment the boat left the dock until its safe return to port.


The development of the courses has taken place largely due to the help, input and support of the following organisations:
PADI the Professional Association of Diving Instructors
The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Australia)
Dept.of Employment & Industrial Relations/ Workplace Health and Safety, Queensland Govt.
Wally Schredl, PADI Course Director


The courses, while diveboat specific, contain the necessary knowledge for operators to obtain various certificates of competency (COCs) issued by IYT Worldwide on behalf of the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The MCA boating qualifications are the most internationally recognised qualifications in the world and have, over the past ten years become the de facto world standards.

N. B. These courses are by no means meant to replace any certification or licensing that may be required (by law) in the various flag state maritime jurisdictions worldwide. There are three levels of certification, Diveboat Mate, Diveboat Coxswain and Diveboat Master.

Diveboat Mate:

Entry level requirements: PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent)


Crew on board a dive vessel. Captain a dive vessel under the supervision of a Diveboat Coxswain or higher certified captain.


General Engineering Course (3 days)*
VHF Radio Operations(1 day)
IYT Powerboat Coastal Skipper/ ICC <10m Power (4 days)
Diveboat Safety & Operations (DOS) PADI Approved (3 days)

IYT/PADI Diveboat Safety and Operations (DOS) Syllabus:

Dive crew safety & competency
Dive & snorkeler safety and competency
Organization and risk management procedures in planning dive charters
Special equipment for divers required on board
Site selection and overview of relationship between surface and underwater conditions
Dive site briefings
Drift diving/ live pick up considerations
Supervision - roles, responsibilities and procedures
Diver accounting procedures and safety logs
Dive vessel emergency and rescue procedures
On-board gas blending management and storage

The IYT/PADI Diveboat Mate is the ideal program for the entry level mariner and Divemaster. This certification allows the holder to crew on board a dive vessel and gain sea time and training as captain under the supervision of a Diveboat Coxswain or higher.

Diveboat Coxswain:

Entry level requirements:

- Diveboat Mate - 200 nautical miles as crew and relief captain under the supervision of a Diveboat Coxswain or Diveboat Master Captain Capabilities: Command of a vessel and crew up to 80ft/24m up to 20 miles offshore

COURSE components

IYT Powerboat Master Coastal
ICC <24m Powerboat Coastal
DOS - Diveboat Safety & Operations (if entering program as an experienced operator)

The IYT/PADI Diveboat Coxswain Certificate is the command rating for a Diveboat Mate who has completed the necessary seatime and experience. The Syllabus expands on the depth of knowledge presented in the DB Mate program and is equivalent to what others in the industry call 'Yachtmaster'

Experienced Diveboat Operators who have not acquired a recognized nautical credential or have a non-IYT certificate can enter this course provided they have proof of adequate seatime and experience.

Diveboat Master:


Vessels up to 24 meters < 200 gross tons up to 60 nautical miles offshore.

Entry level requirements:

PADI Dive Master Scuba Diver Trainer (or equivalent)
Diveboat Coxswain certificate
Medical fitness certificate including color blindness test
Have logged minimum 800 nautical miles at sea
STCW Basic Safety Training (5 days) **

**STCW Basic Safety Training courses are available at participating IYT partner schools worldwide and at nautical colleges across the globe. IYT will accept STCW certificates issued by other flag state authorities provided they are on the IMO white list.

Course components

Master of Yachts Coastal 200 Tons (5 days onboard a boat)

Certificates obtained on successful completion of the Dive boat Master course:

IYT Master of Yachts Coastal 200 Tons
IYT/ PADI Diveboat Master

The Diveboat Master certification designates a high level of competency and contains the STCW95 and the MCA Master of Yachts Coastal 200 ton certificates. These certificates are full Commercial credentials that enable the Diveboat Master to enjoy global recognition in the Professional Yachting Industry.